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Satisfied Customers & Interpreters

Satisfied Customers & Interpreters

“I have found Eaton Interpreting Services in Sacramento to be very professional and courteous when it comes to providing sign language interpreters for my meetings. E-mails and phone calls were promptly responded to and I was always contacted within a few hours regarding interpreter availability. I highly recommend them for any and all interpreter needs!”

Travis L. Fowler, Deaf Consumer, Materials and Stores Specialist

“Eaton Interpreting Services does an excellent job filling the many interpreting requests for the staff and students at San Joaquin Delta College. I appreciate the ease of communication and rapport that we have developed with the Eaton coordinators. They are always available and respond quickly to my requests. I look forward to continuing to work with Eaton in the future.”

Gwendolyn Maciel, CI/CT, Interpreter Coordinator for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing, San Joaquin Delta College

“From the first contact with your company, Eaton Interpreting Services, I knew our day was in good hands. You did an excellent job selecting the right person! Again, the sign language interpreter was fantastic! I hope to have the opportunity to use your services again in the future. We wish you and your staff good health and continued success! From our hearts to yours, thank you!”

Jeff and Sandy Medley, Family members of Deaf Consumer

“As a freelance sign language interpreter, Eaton Interpreting Services takes the guesswork out of the interpreter-agency relationship. From start to finish, I know I can always depend on them to provide me with the necessary information to get the job done successfully. Their professionalism, open communication, and efficiency make Eaton Interpreting Services in Sacramento a top agency for any qualified interpreter.”

Autumn Saulisberry, CI & CT, RID Certified Interpreter

“I have nothing but high praise for Kim Eaton / Eaton Interpreting Services in Sacramento and the sign language interpreters with whom she works. I had a very difficult job to fill, and I was flat out turned down by several of the large services. Eaton Interpreting was able to find fabulous interpreters for my student. I can completely rely on Eaton to find quality, reliable, American Sign Language interpreters. I wouldn’t recommend any other service!”

Jill Matsueda, Program Manager CSUS College of Continuing Education

“We have used Eaton Interpreting Services at our Toast Master meetings at the State Department of Housing and Community Services in Sacramento. The sign language interpreters add so much to our meetings. Even though they are not often given advance notice of what speeches they will be interpreting, they are always dependable to come early before the meetings begin. They interpret with such good voice variety and enthusiasm and bring so much life to the meetings. I also compliment Eaton Interpreting on their efficient scheduling of interpreters. It has been a pleasure to work with your company.”

Diane Allmond, Dept. of Housing & Community Development

“A giant thanks to a wonderful agency named Eaton Interpreting Services that caters to my communication needs at my workplace in Sacramento. I have been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of the sign language interpreters and their promptness of services. Without them, my task would never be completed.”

Ellen Thielman, Deaf Consumer, Staff Programmer Analyst, Department of Rehabilitation

“A great agency is professional, supportive, organized, and has staff members who understand the needs of sign language interpreters. Kim Eaton and the staff at Eaton Interpreting in Sacramento are not only a great agency, but they are consistently going above and beyond to make sure that the interpreters they contract with are informed and comfortable throughout each assignment.”

Jennifer Weiler, CI & CT, RID Certified Interpreter

“As a freelance sign language interpreter who has worked in three states and a total of seven different agencies, it was refreshing to work with Eaton Interpreting Services in Sacramento. They are always professional, extremely organized, flexible, and provide clear information – qualities not easy to find in every agency. Thank you Eaton!”

Shannon Moutinho, NIC, RID Certified Interpreter

“For more than 20 years Eaton has provided outstanding professional transliteration services for me in a variety of business settings. I trust them implicitly to interpret technology information accurately.”

Monica Handley, State Healthcare Analyst

“Eaton Interpreting Services in Sacramento has always accepted last minute requests for sign language interpreters when other services wouldn’t. I really appreciate their business.”

Pam Kovash, Deaf Consumer, El Dorado National Forest

“My background in interpreting and education spans almost 45 years, including teaching ASL before it was a language and providing interpreting services shortly after RID was created, often in a volunteer capacity. Primarily my work has been in the area of teaching – sign language, American Sign Language, Deaf children at Schools for the Deaf, and interpreting students. Additionally, I have managed interpreting services, interpreter education, conducted research, and published. My philosophy, as an educator is that one needs to consistently practice the subject that one is teaching. Because of that, I have been a community interpreter for several decades and thus, worked through many different interpreting agencies. I am proud to state that none have demonstrated the wisdom, care, practicality, knowledge, thoroughness, skill, and accuracy that Eaton Interpreting Services demonstrates. The owner/president, Kim Eaton, and Schedulers of Eaton know the art of interpreting services and all that it encompasses. These individuals treat all customers (community interpreters, hearing and Deaf consumers) as equal partners. The consumers I meet feel confident and know, without a doubt, that they are receiving the best possible service, not because it’s me at the site, but because it is Eaton that they work with.”

Marilyn Mitchell, MS, MMP, CSC, OIC:V/S, NIC Master, RID Certified Interpreter

“I had the distinct pleasure of working as a freelance interpreter with Eaton Interpreting Services, Inc early on in the inception of the agency. I have had the good fortune of observing the dynamic growth of this very reputable agency due to the inherent ethical business practices in which Kim Eaton conducts all aspects of the business. I went on to establish my own agency and attribute much of its success to the excellent role modeling and support of Kim and Eaton Interpreting Services, Inc. It is a model agency whereby the clients are insured of excellent interpreters, the interpreters can always count on a solid team to work with and support from the agency, and the consumers will always be assured of efficient, accurate and professional interpreting services.”

Shelly Browning, CI & CT, RID Certified Interpreter & Founder, The Nature of Interpreting, LLC

“In the day to day workings of our lives, we sometimes take for granted the gifts that we have. Eaton Interpreting is a gift to me and our community both professionally and personally!

I could not do my job without your amazing interpreters and behind the scenes team in the office …. My “voice” and my teaching would be mute without the seamless and highly talented skills of your interpreters! Without the support of the staff in the office, my day would be for not. Without the gift of Kim and her company, our students would not be served. Kim’s personal attention is unmatched!

Recently a student emailed and made the following comment, “The normalcy and ease of communication were an example of the equality of Deaf and hearing people as well as the strength of ASL as a language. The communication in class was so smooth that I almost always forgot the interpreters were there.”

The Eaton Team has also advocated and provided my family and I qualified and caring interpreters during special and sensitive events in our personal lives. Inviting an Eaton interpreter into our private family events has proven time and time again to be a gift!

Thank you for all that you do for me and my family, students, and mostly for our Deaf Community! Hands Waving to all of you!”

Dr. Lisalee D. Egbert, Former Deaf Studies Program Coordinator, California State University, Sacramento

“Eaton Interpreting Services in Sacramento has provided excellent and well qualified sign language interpreters for my business trips in the field. The interpreters were very flexible to any situation from indoor conferences to traveling to far-away outdoor places such as hikes in the middle of forests, walks along riverbanks, and exploring lakes. I have been impressed with their professionalism and willingness to interpret in diverse settings.”

Tiffany Eastman, Deaf Consumer, Project Officer, US EPA

“Eaton Interpreting Services in Sacramento is always accommodating on short notice. We always seem to need the sign language interpreting services at the last minute, and Eaton Interpreting always comes through. Also, the interpreters are always the nicest people.”

Dan Regan, Communication & Media Officer Sacramento County, Department of Transportation

“When I’m in charge of accommodations for conferences or events in the Sacramento area, I confidently make a call to Eaton Interpreting Services knowing that all our sign language interpreting needs will be taken care of. The level of customer service is exemplary. The level of interpreting is exemplary.

I also refer many organizations to Eaton Interpreting Services because I know they will receive the same level of service. Eaton Interpreting Services takes charge and sees that every detail is taken care of thus providing our consumers with the best possible communication. THANK YOU EATON INTERPRETING!”

Pam Porteous-Hunt, Government Meeting Planner

"Eaton Interpreting Services supplies only the highest quality interpreters in whatever venue is needed. Eaton Interpreting has been our Deaf and Hard of Hearing (K-12) Program’s “go to” agency for filling our interpreter vacancies for many years. There is never a doubt about the skill or professionalism of Eaton interpreters. Working with their scheduling system and staff makes acquiring services easy and smooth. I would just like to say, “Thanks Eaton Interpreting Services for giving our DHH students such amazing access to their education and extracurricular functions!”

Alice Tenscher Dunbar, M.A., Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, RID Certified Interpreter, NIC, Ed K-12, Placer County Office of Education

“As a Certified Interpreter for the Deaf in the Sacramento area, I sub-contract with Eaton Interpreting Services because, simply put, THEY are THE BEST! Kim Eaton and her excellent team of schedulers and interpreters work diligently to provide communication access for the Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Hard of Hearing. The schedulers are always a pleasure to work with. I tell everyone who will listen that Eaton is the TOP agency in Sacramento (smile).”

Cameo Hentzen, NIC Advanced, RID Certified Interpreter

“The golfer Karrie Webb once said, ‘I was born to play golf.’ Kim Eaton was born to run a sign language interpreting service. Her dedication to her customers, interpreters, and Sacramento area community is unparalleled. She’s got it all down to the finest detail. It is a blessing to work with her and her well chosen staff.”

Catherine Thomas, CSC, RID Certified Interpreter

“Eaton Interpreting Agency does an amazing job and I proudly recommend this agency to all colleagues and associates for their needs with business meetings, training classes, and personal appointments. They are reliability and professional ASL interpreters that meet my expectations. It has been a pleasure to work with this agency and want to be continue do the business with them.”

Charles 'Cookie' Cook, Deaf Consumer, California ISO

“As a freelance sign language interpreter, I’ve been blessed to have worked in many areas of the country. Working with Eaton Interpreting Services in Sacramento has been one of the best experiences of my interpreting career.

The staff are interpreters themselves, so they know the business. The job information is complete, thorough, accurate and informative. Information on directions, participants, parking and language is always included on every assignment taken. There is never a hassle with invoices and payment is timely.

In short, whenever you interpret in the Sacramento area, make sure to list yourself with Eaton Interpreting. You won’t be sorry.”

Dave Morrison, CI, CT, SC:L, NIC- Advanced, NAD V, RID & NAD Certified Interpreter

“I want to thank everyone at Eaton Interpreting Services for always being such great teams, role models, and mentors! I appreciate being able to turn to you all for advice and being able to trust all of the amazing people I get to work with! I am so proud to be a part of the Eaton family ~ I’m one lucky interpreter!”

Jacqui Baldridge, NIC, Ed-K-12, RID Certified Interpreter

“I have been a professional sign language interpreter for over 20 years. My experiences with Eaton Interpreting Services have always been professional, caring and all around stellar. Recently a Deaf patient I worked with at a local medical facility was eager to share with me about an experience they had with an Eaton interpreter. This particular Deaf patient is from another country and neither ASL nor English is their first language. The patient explained they had experienced a terrible interaction with staff members within a large and complex medical system. The patient was frustrated, felt mistreated, and wished to file a complaint. The interpreter could have said, “I’m sorry about your experience. Good luck. Bye.” Instead, the interpreter accompanied the patient to the customer service department to interpret the complaint. The interpreter then sat and translated the experience from ASL to written English on the complaint form. This allowed the patient to express themselves in a language most comfortable to them. All of this was outside of the original medical appointment. It is interpreters that truly care about Deaf people, and the access they deserve, that are drawn to Eaton Interpreting Services. Interpreters that go above and beyond as a matter of business are valued at Eaton. I am honored to work with this caliber of an interpreting agency. The Deaf patient summed it up perfectly by signing, “Eaton THAT!”

Cheryl Gallon, CI & CT, NAD V, RID & NAD Certified Interpreter

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eaton for several years and could never imagine working with any other agency! It has always been apparent that Kim Eaton and her team uphold business practices of the highest standard in everything they do. Their commitment to ensure interpreters are properly and efficiently scheduled in order for clients to receive professional, timely services is of utmost priority. There is no reason to look beyond Eaton for your interpreting needs!”

Amelia Jackson, B.A., A.A., NIC, RID Certified Interpreter

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