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We have a team of passionate and articulate schedulers who are also RID certified interpreters. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide responsive, personalized service with a request fill rate of 95%.

Since 1994, we have grown from a scheduling department of one to the current six. Our pool of interpreters has grown from a single interpreter to over a hundred state and nationally certified interpreters. We began by providing on-site community interpreting and now offer video, trilingual, and certified Deaf Interpreters.

With more than 250 active accounts in the Sacramento, Lake Tahoe and Northern California regions, we are able to offer our customers and interpreters highly competitive rates while maintaining our commitment to knowledgeable and readily available customer service.

On-Site Interpreting

On-site interpreting takes place face-to-face between English speakers and Sign Language users. Our experienced and highly qualified interpreters are ready to facilitate communication in a variety of settings such as doctors’ offices, classrooms, government, and concerts.

Our Team Of Interpreters Are Experienced In a Broad Range of Settings

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

VRI connects the sign language interpreter with customers via a video screen. The English speaker and ASL can be in the same room or in different locations. Many platforms can be used for this service, such as Zoom, Skype, WebEx, or MS Teams.

While VRI is not an appropriate option for all situations or individuals, for many of Eaton’s customers it has proven to be an efficient time- and cost-saving option. VRI may be used anywhere you have a high-speed connection to the Internet.

Deaf Interpreters (DI)

A DI is a relay/intermediary interpreter who provides cultural and linguistic expertise. DI's are native signers professionally trained in facilitating communication during complicated and sometimes emotional situations.

Depending on their experience and training, a Deaf interpreter may work with a range of individuals including Deaf children whose languages are still in developing stages, foreign-born Deaf individuals, Deaf-Blind individuals, and native Deaf signers in high-stress circumstances.

DeafBlind Interpreting

A qualified DeafBlind interpreter is skilled in conveying visual as well as auditory information to the client. Familiarity with the most common modes of communication used with DeafBlind clients are essential:

• One-handed Tactile
• Two-handed Tactile
• Tracking
• Print on Palm
• Pro-tactile

The key components of working with a DeafBlind client(s) are the ability to describe environmental surroundings, to be aware when sign modifications are needed and to be competent with guiding skills.

If you are skilled as a DeafBlind interpreter, please let us know. If you are interested in training or resources, check out the National Task Force on DeafBlind interpreting at

Trilingual Services

Deaf and hard of hearing people with primarily Spanish-speaking families are a large and growing demographic. For many of these individuals, accurate communication requires language services in ASL, Spanish, and English. Eaton provides interpreters who are skilled in trilingual interpreting services.

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART)

Communication Access Realtime Translation(CART) is the instant translation of the spoken word into English text. Using a stenotype machine, notebook computer and Realtime software, CART providers translate speech to text which is then displayed on a computer monitor or other device for the customer to read. CART is used primarily by people with hearing loss, but also has applications for individuals with learning disabilities or those who are learning English as a second language.

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