Are you an interpreter living in or visiting Sacramento or neighboring communities and interested in work? We have interpreting opportunities in and around Sacramento, including but not limited to Yuba City, Marysville, Woodland, Davis, Placerville, Lodi, Stockton and other surrounding communities.

If you are interested in partnering with us as an independent contractor, please fill out our online interpreter questionnaire.

Upon completion of the questionnaire, we will send you the necessary paperwork to complete. The completion of your paperwork must include verification of your certification (RID, NAD), and/or your EIPA/ESSE score. If you are not yet certified or do not have an EIPA/ESSE score of 4.0 or above, you will need to provide a portfolio of your work.

Your portfolio should include a resume, references, certificate of completion from an Interpreter Preparation Program, and a sample video of your work.

Interpreters who have completed the registration process can log into our online scheduling system to update their availability and view jobs you have accepted. A username and password are required to access this system.

We are fortunate to have Sacramento’s finest interpreters partnering with us.