Marta Kroger Portrait

Marta Kroger, ITP Graduate, Ed:K-12, Assistant Interpreter Coordinator

Marta grew up in Vacaville and was homeschooled through high school. At the age of ten, she began taking ASL classes at her local community center for her foreign language requirement and continued on from there as a 4-H member. She became involved with the California State Grange Deaf Awareness Program by participating in performances at the State and National Grange Conferences as well as planning local performances featuring Deaf actors. Marta attended American River College in Sacramento and graduated in 2010 with her AA degree in Sign Language Interpreting. Upon graduating, she was hired by American River College and began working with mentors. She passed the EIPA with a 4.2 in 2012 and is currently working toward national certification. Marta also served on the Board of Directors for the non-profit organization Healthy CEUs. This organization offered workshops to assist sign language interpreters with the physical and mental demands of the profession.

Marta loves the mountains and every summer staffs a Fire Lookout for the US Forest Service. She manages communication on multiple radio channels and phones with the Dispatch Center, duty officers, crews, and aircraft. In busy times, she not only reports fires, but gives updates on current fires, acts as a relay for crews in the wilderness, flight follows for aircraft, and watches for and reports incoming thunderstorms that have the potential to cause more fires she will need to report. In some cases, the safety of the firefighters depends on her calm and cool approach to each situation by not letting herself get overwhelmed by all the demands.

The Fire Lookout also gives her the perfect location to pursue her hobby of photography with breathtaking views and once-in-a-life-time occurrences such as a rainbow at three o’clock in the morning from the light of the full moon.

Marta brings a wealth of coordinating experience and we are excited to have her as a part of our scheduling team.