Jenny McLean Portrait

Jenny McLean, CI & CT, NAD IV, Interpreter Coordinator

Jennifer was born and raised in Sacramento, California. She started learning sign language while she was a junior high school student with a mainstreamed program. The Deaf students taught her the basics and the language seemed to come naturally. She continued learning at an adult education learning center at the age of 13. After graduating in 1998 with her Associates in Arts degree from American River College’s Interpreting Training Program, she decided to continue her education at the well-known private university, Northeastern University.

While in Boston, Massachusetts, she was a full time student at NU, freelanced in the community, and completed her internship interpreting at Westborough State Mental Hospital in the Deaf ward. In 2002, Jennifer graduated Magna Cum Laude with her Bachelor of Science degree in American Sign Language/English Interpreting. While receiving her education at NU, she had the honor of working one on one with Dennis Cokely, the well-known instructor, interpreter, researcher, and Dean of the American Sign Language Program at NU. The pilot study of team interpreting received a grant from NU as well as the honor of publication in the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Journal of Interpretation. “Interpreting in Teams: A Pilot Study on Requesting and Offering Support” (2003).

Over the years Jennifer received her National Association of the Deaf Level IV, Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf, Certificate of Transliteration and Certificate of Interpretation. In 2001 she published a second article, “Interpreting for Award Ceremonies & Banquets”.

Jennifer has also provided mentoring to novice interpreters, taught an ASL class at the local Community College where she attended, and has been active in the communities where she has lived (both East Coast and West). During 2002-2004, Jennifer served on the executive board for her local RID chapter as Vice President, Fundraising Chair, and Coordinator for Student Representatives and hiring of interpreters for general meetings. Currently, Jennifer is a member of NAD, RID and GaRID.

She is now living in the South (Atlanta, GA) where she is a freelance interpreter in the community, a part time interpreter at the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf, and coordinating interpreting services for Eaton from afar. Even though she is thousands of miles away, she still feels very much a part of the community that raised and groomed her. Along with her love for interpreting, she enjoys mountain biking, running, hiking and spending time with her husband and two beautiful sons.