Debbi Diamond Portrait

Debbi Diamond, CI & CT, Interpreter Coordinator

Debbi comes to us from the Bay Area (Danville) where she grew up and raised her 5 children. Beginning in 1992, she took ASL classes for fun in her “spare” time. She immediately fell in love with ASL and Deaf culture, so she continued in the interpreting program. Debbi then graduated from the ITP at Ohlone College under the tutelage of Shelley Lawrence, Patty Lessard and Tom Holcomb with marvelous mentors such as Evelyn Zola and Jeannie Wonder-Leighton. In 2005, she received a Certificate of Transliteration, CI, and in 2007, she received a Certificate of Interpretation from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc.

Debbi moved to Sacramento ten years ago and absolutely loves the Deaf and interpreting community here! After 20 years in the profession, she still finds it as exciting and wonderful as she did at the start. Her focus and work for over 15 years was in Mental Health interpreting.

Debbi’s main passions are travel and family (5 children and 10 grandchildren!). You will also find her either listening to an audiobook while driving or reading at least 2 other books (one book in the car to read between interpreting assignments and the other on her iPad).

She has a quirky sense of humor (you’ve been warned!) and her mottos in life are, “I wash everything on the gentle cycle…it’s much more humane” and “You can’t scare me… I have children!”

She is thrilled to be a member of the amazing Eaton scheduling team!