About Eaton Interpreting Services

Founded in 1994, we are an interpreter-owned, Certified Small Business providing American Sign Language/English interpreting and transliterating services to the Sacramento and surrounding communities.

We steadfastly adhere to high ethical business principles and professional standards. Our consistent performance offers our customers the confidence and security of knowing that when they contact Eaton, they will receive excellent results.

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Our Certifications

Meet Our Team

Our friendly scheduling team is made up primarily of nationally certified interpreters and all have extensive experience and knowledge of Deaf Culture.

Kim Eaton
Kim EatonCI & CT, NAD IV
Denise Garrido Guerrero
Denise Garrido GuerreroCI & CT, NAD IV
Interpreter Coordinator
Cathy Bowers
Cathy BowersCI & CT, IC/TC
Interpreter Coordinator
Ellie Purvis
Ellie PurvisCI & CT
Interpreter Coordinator
Kathy Munoz
Kathy MunozBookkeeper
Jennifer Breitkreutz
Jennifer BreitkreutzCI & CT
Interpreter Coordinator
Lindsey Divino
Lindsey DivinoCI & CT
Interpreter Coordinator
Jessica Flores
Jessica FloresAssistant Bookkeeper
Debbi Diamond
Debbi DiamondCI & CT
Interpreter Coordinator
Jenny McLean
Jenny McLeanCI & CT, NAD IV
Interpreter Coordinator
Shannon Nieman
Shannon NiemanITP Graduate
Interpreter Coordinator
Marta Kroger
Marta KrogerITP Graduate
Asst. Interpreter Coordinator
Eaton Interpreting Services, Inc. is committed to providing American Sign Language interpreting services in an ethical, respectful, and professional manner, which meets or exceeds the expectations of our consumers. All contracted interpreters adhere to a Code of Professional Conduct set forth by the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and the National Association of the Deaf.