Hello Cal Ed Members,

I was thrilled to be asked to write the introduction for the ASDC newsletter – please see below. As you can see in the national newsletter, ASDC is supporting Cal Ed and our upcoming conference :0) I would ask that YOU share ASDC info with your families in your district. As you know, parents make the difference in the educational lives of our students. Helping parents helps us also :0) I would encourage YOU as a teacher to join ASDC also! We would love to have YOU present at the ADSC conference in 2014!!

ASDC was founded in 1967 as a parent-helping parent network. Today ASDC is a national, independent non-profit organization. http://www.deafchildren.org/ The first year membership is FREE!!!

To Parents: If you are the parent of Deaf or Hard of Hearing child and would like to start your First Year Free Membership, send you name, address, telephone number, email, and names and birthdates of your Deaf or Hard of Hearing child/children to asdc@deafchildren.org or call ASDC at 1-800-942-2732 with the information.

Also note ASDC’s support of our local advocacy center – NorCal! See you at the Sacramento Zoo!!!

More info http://cal-ed.org/pages/2014conference.html